Contents of the Podcast About Divorce with Sule, Nathalie Holscher: Make Milk for Children – Latest Celeb News

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Since deciding to separate and file for divorce, Nathalie Holscher has not wanted to return to her husband, Sule’s house.

She now chooses to be alone with her son, Adzam, to find peace. For Nathalie Holscher, isolating herself is the best solution. When he returned home, he believed it would only make things worse.

“Solving the ego and ego problem will not be finished,” said Nathalie Holscher, quoted from YouTube Intense Investigation some time ago.

Nathalie Holscher, who recently guest starred on several podcasts, denied selling sadness. This is done more because of economic needs.

“For children’s milk, I wish you the best, amen,” concluded Nathalie Holshcer.