Hello! 9 Times Failed to Join the TNI, Finally This Farmer’s Child Passed through the Military Academy | 1NEWS

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Still in the same year Fadlul registered for the 2017 Indonesian Air Force CABA in Surabaya, but he again failed. This time because his parents did not have the cost of living for a place to live.

In the following year, Fadlul failed to return when registering for the Akmil. Until finally, for the 10th time, Fadlul passed the Akmil registration with the rank 1 predicate.

Fadlul Rahman© (Photo: TNI AD YouTube)

“Finally, in 2019 I registered again. Alhamdulillah at the sub panda level I was ranked 1. Because my charge number 1 was also ordered by the panda to go up to the panda level, thank God I was ranked 1 at the panda level,” said Fadlul.

When asked what he wanted to be in the TNI troops later, Fadlul answered that he wanted to become a member of Kopassus. His success did not dampen his motivation, he wanted to continue fighting for his parents.

“This is my motivation to return to practice and study, especially because they are my parents,” said Fadlul.

Source: YouTube TNI AD