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1NEWS Jogja – A casual daily worker with the initials MG (52), a resident from Tamantirto, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, was desperate to steal a pickup because the economy was struggling.

The Head of Banguntapan Police, Kompol Zaenal Supriyatna, said the mode used by this man was to rent the target’s car first.

“A week before stealing, the perpetrators hired him to duplicate the keys,” he said, quoted from the official website of the Bantul Police, Monday (11/7).

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MG’s theft was discovered around 06.00 WIB, last Thursday (7/7).

The witness who knew it was a car rental employee when checking the vehicle at his office in the South Ring Road area, Karangturi, Banguntapan.

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After finding one of the vehicles missing, the employee then reported it to the police station.

Officers then carried out an investigation by checking CCTV footage. Including anyone on the list of vehicle tenants for the past week.

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From the data collected, it leads to the perpetrators of MG. Officers managed to arrest the perpetrators at around 11.00 WIB at a car paint workshop in the Pajangan area.

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