It was revealed that Sule was crying when she was being sued for divorce by Nathalie Holscher

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He was devastated and regretted all the problems that had occurred in his family.

Ade Wismoyo | Yuliani

Monday, 11 July 2022 | 05:00 WIB

1NEWS – Dicky Chandra reveals that divorce is not an easy thing for his best friend, Sule. Even when Nathalie Holscher was sued for divorce, Sule was crying.

“Sule once vented to tears, that was the saddest a few days ago,” said Dicky Chandra, quoted from YouTube Seleb Oncam, which was uploaded recently.

Comedian Dicky Chandra. [Instagram]
Comedian Dicky Chandra. [Instagram]

He said Sule originally had aspirations of aging with Nathalie Holscher. He was devastated and regretted all the problems that had occurred in his family.

“Sule has a dream (to grow old with Nathalie), his hope is Nathalie, he regrets what has happened in the past, he is very devastated,” he added.

Sule burst into tears imagining his future. Sule realized that one day his children would leave him and he was alone without a companion.

Nathalie Holscher and Sule.  (Instagram)
Nathalie Holscher and Sule. (Instagram)

“When I grow old, Putri will leave me, Iky and his wife, who am I with except Nathalie?” Dicky Chandra’s story imitates Sule’s words.

According to Dicky Chandra, Sule is very grateful to marry Nathalie Holscher. He felt that Nathalie Holscher was the most beautiful gift in his life.

“For Sule, Nathalie is an extraordinary gift. Still young, beautiful, netizens like it, until she wears a hijab, converts to Islam, removes tattoos, the children are happy,” explained the senior actor with Sundanese blood.

He said Nathalie Holscher and Sule were trying to be better for each other. However, I don’t know what will happen if the divorce trial begins.

“Actually, both of them are trying to improve themselves,” said Dicky Chandra.

As is known, the household of comedian Sule and Nathalie Holscher is now on the brink.

On July 5, 2022, Nathalie Holscher has filed her divorce suit with the Cikarang Religious Court, West Java.

Before registering for divorce, Nathalie Holscher and Sule had separated. Nathalie Holscher left with her son, Adzam.