Legitimate! Nusantara United FC Starts Enlivening League 2 Competition

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1NEWS, The surprise was made by Nusantara United FC. The country’s capital club has been declared a member of PSSI and will start to enliven the competition in the Indonesian League 2 next season.

The presence of Nusantara United FC is also a new history, because this club is the first representative of the new capital city of Indonesia, namely, the National Capital (IKN) Nusantara, to appear in the Indonesian League competition.

For NUFC, the club’s participation in the Indonesian League is their first step as a professional club after officially acquiring Mataram Utama FC.

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The presence of NUFC is expected to be an important momentum to increase sports, especially football in the new capital city and generally in Indonesia.

“NUFC will start its work in Indonesian football. We tried and will continue to try to develop this club with full commitment,” said NUFC President Commissioner Gamma Abdurrahman Thohir.

“We want to develop a team with a strong foundation, optimizing the lineup of young players for the club’s future success,” added Gamma.

As a new team, Nusantara FC also promised to perform as optimally as possible. In addition, they are trying to target promotion tickets to League 1 later.

“Therefore, we also expect support and prayers from all Indonesian people, especially residents of East Kalimantan. Without it, we are nothing,” added Gamma.

“Our target is to play as much as possible next season while looking at promotion opportunities to Liga 1. Of course, we want to make that dream come true,” he concluded.

Preparation for Nusantara FC

As preparation for the 2022 Liga 2 season, the NUFC squad is currently undergoing pre-season with a number of trials involving League 1 clubs, such as: Persis Solo, Persebaya Surabaya, and Persik Kediri.

“We are going on a Java tour to strengthen our preparations for Liga 2, which may start next August,” said Adhitya Hernadian, COO of NUFC.

“We rely on a lot of young players for our debut in the Indonesian football scene,”

“As a club in the capital city, hopefully we can also contribute to the contribution of players to the Indonesian national team for the age group and even seniors in the future,” he added.

For the sake of the targets set by the management, the NUFC troops continue to clean up and finalize preparations at their temporary homes in Central Java.

NUFC will continue to add ammunition. Most recently, the team bearing the Talawang logo typical of the Dayak tribe brought in a midfielder on loan from Persebaya who also graduated from the Garuda Select squad, namely Fernando Pamungkas.

With the condition that IKN does not yet have facilities such as stadiums and others, the Nusantara United club will temporarily be headquartered in Central Java, Salatiga to be exact.[]


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