Losing the U-19 National Team, AFF Regulation Leads to Match Fixing?

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1NEWS – The regulations held by the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup competition are detrimental to the U-19 Indonesian National Team, and indirectly lead to the emergence of match fixing.

Football fans in the country are experiencing disappointment. Not 100 percent the fault of his favorite team, but more towards the regulations held by the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup competition.

As previously known, the last two Group A matches of the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup took place simultaneously at 20:00 WIB, between Indonesia vs Myanmar and Vietnam vs Thailand.

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Indonesia U-19 vs Myanmar U-19 match took place at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi. Meanwhile, Vietnam U-19 vs Thailand U-19 took place at the Madya Stadium, Jakarta.

Prior to the match, Vietnam was at the top of Group A with 10 points. In second place is Thailand with the same points. While the third position is Indonesia with eight points.

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Previously, Indonesia had played against Vietnam and Thailand, both of which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Both Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand before playing the last match had the opportunity to qualify for the semifinals of the 2022 AFF U-19 Cup with several records.

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Based on the AFF regulations which you can read here, there is point 9.1.5 part (c) namely “the result of a direct match between the teams concerned” also takes part in the calculation.

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