Relocated to Malioboro Terrace, Merchants Complained Less Profits

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1NEWS – A number of traders complained that their stalls had been relocated to Teras Malioboro I and II.

Previously, their stalls were lined up along the overhang of Jalan Malioboro.

The DIY Provincial Government then relocated the PKL stalls so that pedestrians on Jalan Malioboro remained comfortable.

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After the relocation, a number of traders admitted that their merchandise was not as profitable as before.

One of the traders who felt that their sales were dragging after occupying the Malioboro I Terrace was Dwimas Dwi Sutrisno.

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“Maybe it’s because my stall is at the back, so visitors don’t reach it, but we’re just grateful that we got a new place,” said Dimas to 1NEWS, Saturday (8/7).

In addition, traders also complained about the single access on the Malioboro Terrace, namely from the front.

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“We asked for additional entrances so that from the back of the road you can enter here,” he said.

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