Remember the Ukrainian Refugee Who Was Accused of Being a Criminal? Now His Fate Has Changed Drastically, Like Reaping Karma, See 7 Portraits | 1NEWS

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Dream – Remember the story of the Ukrainian refugees who were accused of being the perpetrators? Some time ago, a beautiful girl from Ukraine named Sofia Karkadym made a scene in the world news because she was accused of seizing a married man who had housed her in England.

Previously, Sofia, who was 22 years old, fled Ukraine to save herself from the war. He was then accommodated by a married couple from England named Tony Garnett and Lorna.

Unfortunately, the togetherness gave birth to the seeds of love in the hearts of Sofia and Tony. Until finally, Tony chose to leave his wife and child to live with Sofia. Some time passed, now they brought bad news. Curious how they are doing now? Check out the following review!