Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah will go to Singapore for treatment, reveal things that make them sad: It turns out that while in…

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Now, Ruben Onsu and his wife, Sarwendah, will go to Singapore for treatment. They reportedly will immediately take care of all the needs for his health there.

The plan, the husband and wife will immediately run his treatment in mid-July 2022.

However, there is something that is quite surprising and surprising. The reason is that Ruben and Sarwendah cannot be placed in the same hospital.

“In the third week I started taking leave for treatment,” said Ruben Onsu in the Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta, recently.

“But it was a bit of a surprise, it turned out that while I was there I couldn’t go to the same hospital. Where is Wenda, where am I,” explained Ruben again.

He also said that when he began to miss his children, he would make video calls.

“Yes, hopefully it won’t affect you, if you miss you can make a video call,” said Ruben Onsu.

Even though he feels that the situation is very difficult now, Ruben will remain calm and strengthen himself so that his wife can also calmly undergo treatment.

“That’s difficult for me to answer, how to strengthen him at the same time we are in the same position, yes, I will calm him down, in a way I want to be calmed,” explained Ruben Onsu.

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