Seeing the Iconic New Face of Malioboro, Perfect for Selfies!

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1NEWS – The iconic shopping center of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) now has a new face.

Previously, tourists bought souvenirs along Jalan Malioboro.

However, the DIY Provincial Government gave a new face by bringing it under control at a location called Teras Malioboro.

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Malioboro Terrace is located on Jalan Margo Mulyo, Ngupasan, Yogyakarta.

One of the buyers, Risnanto, said that the Malioboro Terrace was a comfortable place.

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“Honestly, I prefer it here (Teras Malioboro, ed) more organized. Jalan Malioboro has become more comfortable for pedestrians to access,” said Ristanto to 1NEWS, Saturday (8/7).

There are various souvenirs that you can buy here, ranging from bakpia, batik, key chains, to typical Yogyakarta sandals.

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Not only souvenirs, after being tired of walking around the three floors of the Malioboro Terrace, visitors can rest in the food court area.

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