Tariq Halilintar Promises to Meet Fuji with His Parents | 1NEWS

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Since dating Tariq Halilintar, Fuji is often called fierce by netizens. As a result, netizens feel sorry for Tariq Halilintar’s sister.

However, Atta Halilintar’s brother admitted that he had no problem being encouraged by his girlfriend. He admitted that he was pleased with the firm attitude of the late Aunt Andriansyah’s sister.

Fuji and Tariq Halilintar© Fuji and Tariq Halilintar

Photo : @fuji_an

“The problem is that I feel like, ‘I feel sorry for Tariq, sorry for Tariq’. Tariq is really happy,” said Tariq Halilintar, quoted from YouTube Rumpi, Tuesday, March 15, 2022.