The Regent’s Beautiful Cow Sacrificial Eats the Victim, the Butcher Dies

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1NEWS – The butcher died suddenly while slaughtering a sacrificial cow belonging to the Regent of Mojokerto Ikfina Fahmawati. The video has also gone viral on social media.

The victim fell after slaughtering a cow aided by the beautiful regent Ikfina Fahmawati at the Darusalam Mosque in Leminggir Village, Mojosari District, Mojokerto Babupaten.

“The victim didn’t get enough rest and had not had breakfast, was vomiting,” said Muhktar Hamlet Officer, Sunday (10/7).

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A number of residents had provided assistance to the victim and took the victim to the Sukandar Hospital, but the victim’s life could not be saved.

The victim’s body was immediately taken back to his house which is not far from the mosque for burial.

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The victim is Hariono (47) who works as a cow butcher at the slaughterhouse.

At the time of the incident the victim was asked for help by the Darussalam Mosque administrator to slaughter four cows.

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After slaughtering the third cow, which was also assisted by the beautiful Regent, the victim immediately fell unconscious.

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