After Existing Through a Cover Song, Adityo Prakoso Finally Releases His Own Single

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1NEWS – Adityo Prakoso’s vocal ability can be seen from a number of cover songs uploaded on social media. Now, Aditya is getting serious about treading the music industry and has the courage to perform with his own song.

Adityo Prakoso released his debut single titled “Dia or Kamu”, which he wrote from the true story of his own best friend. The friend at that time was overwhelmed with feelings of confusion.

“The song Dia or You was actually the idea of ​​three friends. Where one of our friends had a very bad experience, being told to choose him or you,” said Adityo Prakoso, during a virtual press conference recently.

“This song is not about me, but about someone close to me who feels guilty when he is between his memories and his future, I’m sure many people feel this way,” he continued.

Along with the single, Aditya Prakoso also prepared a video clip that can be watched on the AP Entertainment YouTube channel.

Adityo Prakoso first covered a song and uploaded it to Youtube, four months ago. He admitted that his love for the music world has been around since 2008.

“Since 2008 I have liked music. Honestly, I have never seen a concert. I know Mas Feru has just been invited to watch a concert. It is a new experience for me,” said Adityo.


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