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1NEWS – There are many benefits to getting up early in the morning. In addition to keeping the mood and making the body more refreshed, you will have plenty of time to check your daily to-do-list or enjoy breakfast, before starting your activity.

But it’s undeniable, getting enough sleep and getting up on time often leaves you feeling sleepy in the morning. This will certainly prevent you from being better prepared to carry out daily activities earlier. If you have this, you have to find a way to get rid of sleepiness in the morning that is effective to fight all that. Launch page healthyQconsider the following tips;

Drink a glass of water

During sleep, the body will also lose fluids which make you feel weak when you wake up. Therefore, you need to replace the fluid immediately. One way is to consume one or two glasses of water after waking up.

Try moving your body

Leaving the body too long on the mattress has the potential to make you go back to sleep. It’s even better if you wake up and immediately go to the restroom to wash your face. After that, try to do physical activity so that your body moves.

Cold shower

There are many benefits of taking a cold shower in the morning. You will be much fresher after bathing, thus preventing sleepiness. Taking a cold shower in the morning can also reduce the risk of colds.

Nutritious breakfast

Breakfast can also be a way to get rid of sleepiness in the morning. But make sure to choose a breakfast with balanced nutrition.
These foods will help the body’s nutrition to be fresher.

Say hello to the sun

Sunlight can help increase serotonin so you stay awake. Therefore, if you still feel sleepy, try to go outside and take a short walk. That way, you can still get natural lighting from the sun.

Reduce coffee

A cup of coffee is more than enough when you are very sleepy. A study reports that too much caffeine actually makes you more tired. The study also states that reducing caffeine intake in the morning actually provides freshness to the body.

Avoid excessive sugar intake

Sugar is a source of energy in the morning. But if you consume it in excess it can be dangerous too. In addition to being harmful to health, excessive sugar intake will make blood sugar levels rise drastically and fall quickly. This makes you feel very weak for a moment.

Manage stress well

Stress must be managed properly so that it does not affect daily activities. The reason is, stress can also be a source of fatigue and a sense of lack of enthusiasm every day. If needed, try to consult this stress problem with a psychologist for the best advice.

Reduce smoking

There are many bad effects that result from smoking. The content in cigarettes can make your respiratory tract disturbed. In addition, smoking also makes you more tired in the morning. This is caused by the nicotine content in cigarettes which disrupts your sleep cycle.

Set good night sleep habits

Make sure you have about 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Try to get quality sleep so you are fresher the next day. To get quality sleep, the body may need time to adjust.

So, start by keeping gadgets away before bed to reduce exposure to blue light. In addition, create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom by turning off the lights and providing soothing aromatherapy.