Nathalie Holscher Reveals the Reason for Divorce with Sule, Bed Separated So Not Greeting Each Other at Home: Sick of being killed like that!

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1NEWS, Depok —

Nathalie Holscher has opened up again about the rift in her household with Sule. She revealed the reason for running away from home before firmly suing her husband for divorce. While attending the Uya Kuya podcast, Nathalie talked about the reason she left the house because she felt the atmosphere was already uncomfortable.

Because the situation is not safe for me. I mean, the situation is already unhealthy, for me,” said the mother of one child, quoted from the Uya Kuya TV channel, Monday (11/7).

Asked why she felt uncomfortable, Nathalie mentioned that there was a problem with Sule that made her think that way. Before running away, the 29-year-old woman admitted that she had not spoken to each other with Sule even though she was in the same house.

When I’m at home, I’m in my sister’s room (Adzam), Aang (Sule) is in Akang’s room,” he said.

Nathalie revealed her reason for running away was because she felt it was not her home. “Why did you decide to leave? Because yeah, it’s not my house,” said Putri Delina’s mother.

Hearing Nathalie’s answer, Uya Kuya asked her again to explain further. But Nathalie only confirmed that it was Sule’s house, not hers. When re-shared by gossip accounts, netizens apparently supported Nathalie’s decision to leave Sule’s house because it was considered unappreciated.

My conclusion is that Sule doesn’t want to sit with Be3, even though Natalie is very welcome.” netizen comments. “It hurts so much that it feels like it’s not being consideredsaid another. “It’s good to go because it’s not appreciated and so what happens when women digitize,” added another.

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