Putri Delina Laughs Accused of Being the Cause of Sule and Nathalie’s Divorce, Asks Netizens to Take Care of Their Own Life

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Princess Delina's Source of Wealth (Instagram/@putridelinaa)

Putri Delina admitted that she laughed when she read netizen comments about her.

Ade Wismoyo | Yuliani

Monday, 11 July 2022 | 09:05 WIB

1NEWS – Princess Delina was blasphemed because it was considered the cause of Sule and Nathalie Holscher’s divorce. During this silence, Sule’s only daughter appeared by giving a striking comment in one of the TikTok videos that blasphemed her.

Putri Delina admitted that she laughed when she read all the comments from netizens. He also said they did not know anything about his life.

Princess Delina’s Source of Wealth (Instagram/@putridelinaa)

“It’s funny to actually read your comments, like the one who really knows my life,” said Putri Delina.

Putri Delina then appealed to netizens to take care of their own lives.

“Btw (by the way) just take care of your life first, right. Netizens are very right, I am,” continued the woman who is familiarly called Putdel.

Sule and Nathalie Holscher. [Instagram/ferdinan_sule]
Sule and Nathalie Holscher. [Instagram/ferdinan_sule]

As usual, Putri Delina’s comments were immediately spread on various social media until a gossip account was uploaded.

One of them is the @nyinyir_update_official account on Instagram which was immediately flooded with malicious comments.

“If you laugh, why disable Put comments,” commented @desythv.

“Not yet able to accept new people. Later, if you are married, you will still take care of your younger siblings,” replied @amme_sulthan.

“We’re also funny, put,” said @admaahdynti.

As is known, the conflict between Putri Delina and Nathalie Holscher allegedly started from the Maia Estianty podcast. At that time, Putri Delina admitted that she was lonely while mentioning the names of Nathalie Holscher and her late mother, Lina Jubaedah.

He also briefly mentioned that he still feels hurt when he remembers Nathalie Holscher’s fight with Sule last guest. Because, he became the target of blasphemy netizens.

Since then, the feud between the mother and the child has heated up. Sule was also considered unable to mediate between their relationship.

After facing various kinds of problems, Nathalie Holscher is now firmly suing for divorce from Sule.


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