Qualifying for the semifinals with drama, Vietnam boasts of winning the AFF U-19 Cup

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“Escaped because the head to head system alone is too arrogant…”

1NEWS – The team nicknamed the ‘Golden Star Warriors’ ended the group A stage with a 1-1 draw against Thailand, Sunday (10/07/2022).

Even though Indonesia won big against Myanmar, in a head to head format, Thailand and Vietnam were entitled to qualify.

As for the coach of the Vietnam U-19 national team, Dinh The Nam then talked about his team’s preparation plans for the next match.

Judging the match against foster children Salvador GarciaDinh The Nam said,

“This draw has helped us enter the semi-finals. However, in terms of professional quality, I am not very satisfied, especially the first 20-25 minutes of the first half. My players entered the game with a nervous mentality, had no control over the game, with a lot of passes. broken, rushed. After that, the players gradually caught up with the rhythm and became more mentally stable. Me and the players are very happy to be in the semi-finals,” he explained as reported by vff.org.vn.

As scheduled, the first team of Group A – Vietnam will meet the second team of Group B (Malaysia or Laos) on 13 July. Similarly Thailand will also meet the top team of Group B (one of the two teams mentioned above) on the same day.

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When asked about the upcoming goals in the semi-finals, coach Dinh The Nam said: “Once you reach the semi-finals, the mentality of the players will also be better. Apart from that, we have 3 more days to recover and prepare for the match. . semi-finals. As for the opponents, we still have to wait for the results of Group B tomorrow to find out which team we will meet. BHL and I also have plans to go straight to the last match of Group B to evaluate the match,” he concluded.

(muflih miftahul kamal/muf)