Sabrina Chairunnisa Scorned for Graduating Master’s Degree but Only Content, The Answer is Smart: What’s Important is Invoices Don’t Play

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Sabrina Chairunnisa's upload [Instagram/@sabrinachairunnisa_]

Sabrina responded casually to the scorn of netizens.

Ade Wismoyo

Monday, 11 July 2022 | 09:35 WIB

1NEWS – Deddy Corbuzier’s wife, Sabrina Chairunnisa, shared her story about her current job, which is considered inappropriate for her education level.

As is known, Deddy Corbuzier’s wife has completed her Master’s degree majoring in Communication Studies at Pelita Harapan University.

Sabrina Chairunnisa’s upload [Instagram/@sabrinachairunnisa_]

Sabrina Chairunnisa then created question and answer content that she often experiences in her daily life. Apparently many people are surprised because Sabrina’s job is ‘only’ making makeup content.

“Ma’am, you graduated from S2, right?” someone asked.

“Oh yes,” answered Sabrina Chairunnisa.

Sabrina Chairunnisa looked beautiful and elegant when she married Deddy Corbuzier. [Instagram]
Sabrina Chairunnisa looked beautiful and elegant when she married Deddy Corbuzier. [Instagram]

“Why do you only make make-up videos, it doesn’t work, does it?” someone asked again.

“Eh, how about that,” replied Sabrina Chairunnisa, stroking her chest.

Sabrina Chairunnisa accepted the accusation of ‘not having a job’. The most important thing, according to the mother, continued Azka Corbuzier, is that the questioner will not expect his income.

“So, creators think that making content is considered a fad because they are jobless. Okay. It’s okay, it’s okay to think that making content is considered a joke, the important thing is that the invoice is never a joke,” said Sabrina Chairunnisa in the latest content distributed on Sunday (10/10). /7/2022).

It turns out that many netizens have the same fate as Sabrina Chairunnisa. Just like the artist, their income was also not kidding.

“Until this second, someone always asks me ‘what do you do, bro?’,” commented the account @ririeprams.

“I think IRT is unemployed, making videos is like playing games, even though the invoice is not kidding,” said the @iswahoorand account.

“Then you get the money, it’s thought to be the result of #tepokJidat,” said the account @maleyander.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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