Secretly Establishing Asmara, This is the Unusual Dating Style Saipul Jamil and Barbie Kumalasari Call It Delicious: Deposit is Important

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Dangdut singer Saipul Jamil is now back in the public spotlight. Had been accused of being the third person in the marriage of Dewi Perssik and Angga Wijaya, apparently he was secretly having an affair with a widowed woman.

Saipul finally openly admitted that he was dating Barbie Kumalasari. Unlike lovers in general, the two have an unusual dating style.

“Dating who is not jealous but loves each other, understands each other. Actually dating like that is delicious,” said Saipul Jamil as quoted from the Cumicumi YouTube channel on Monday (11/7/2022).

Both of them also choose to stay professional at work and don’t want to often quarrel when they are in a romance to interfere with their work. Barbie even says that it doesn’t matter if Saipul turns to another heart and cheats on him.

“Don’t want to make a fuss, but if you want to cheat is it okay?” Ipul asked.

“You can be free, as long as you don’t get caught,” answered Barbie Kumalasari with a laugh

Not only that, Barbie Kumalasari even frees her partner if she really wants to meet her ex-lover or ex-wife. Saipul Jamil also responded by laughing.

“It’s okay to make a deposit. The important thing is to have the same desire,” said Saipul Jamil.

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