Sule cries, divorced by Nathalie, realizes that the daughter will be left behind when she gets old, Netter: The important thing is that there is money, it’s just the old sister!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Sule crying after being sued for divorce Nathalie Holscher. He is also aware that when he is old, his children will also leave him, especially Princess Delina, when each is married. Unfortunately, Sule’s regret is crowded with netizens on social media.

The household turmoil of Sule and Nathalie Holscher is still a hot topic of conversation to this day. Nathalie filed for divorce from Sule, whom she had only married for the last two years.

Allegedly, the divorce lawsuit is the aftermath of Nathalie’s feud with Putri Delina, which until now has not found a bright spot. All this time he was thought to be indifferent, Sule apparently cried when his second wife was sued for divorce.

This was revealed directly by his friend, Dicky Chandra.

“Sule once vented to tears, that was the saddest a few days ago,” said Dicky Chandra, quoted from YouTube Seleb Oncam, Monday (11/7/2022).

Dicky revealed, Sule actually wants to grow old with Nathalie. He was devastated and regretted the various problems that had occurred in his family.

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