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1NEWS East Kalimantan – The production house of Warna Film won the short film competition with his work entitled The Hijrah.

The film won the East Kalimantan Province level competition held by the Ministry of Religion for the period May-June 2022.

Color Film, which is managed by the youth of Paser Regency, has the right to appear in national competitions.

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“The color film will represent East Kalimantan at the national level competition this month,” said film color director Apriyal Fakih in Tanah Grogot, Friday (8/7).

The Hijrah itself tells the story of a Muslim woman named Naya who works as an online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol).

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He meets his childhood friend, Salim. Salim is told as a desperate transvestite.

Naya then gives a black cap to Salim. The cap has its own memories for Naya.

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“Those memories brought Salim to emigrate,” said Fakih.

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