The Curse of the Pre-season Tournament, Robert Alberts Says It’s Difficult to Win the 2022 President’s Cup | 1NEWS

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Robert Alberts doubts that the President’s Cup winner will become the champion of Liga 1, history agrees with the statement from the Persib Bandung coach.

Persib Bandung coach, Robert Alberts, gave a statement that would make the 2022 President’s Cup finalists shrink.

The 2022 Presidential Cup currently leaves four teams, namely Borneo FC, PSS Sleman, PSIS Semarang, and Arema FC.

Borneo FC and Arema FC have the upper hand to advance to the 2022 President’s Cup final, thanks to a two-goal advantage in the first leg.

However, the prospect of advancing to the final and then becoming a champion was actually assessed negatively by Robert Alberts.

“Looking at the track record going back, the team that won pre-season tournaments such as the President’s Cup and the Menpora Cup,” said Robert as quoted from (10/7/2022).

“Look where they end the season (in) the competition (in fact),” he said again.

Looking at the situation last season, Persija Jakarta won the 2021 Menpora Cup title, then slipped into Liga 1 2021/22.

Similarly, in 2019, when Arema FC won the 2019 President’s Cup, it was Bali United who won the 2019 League 1.

Arema FC previously also won the 2017 President’s Cup, but had to hand over the 2017 Liga 1 trophy to Bhayangkara FC.

The pre-season tournament seemed to have become a curse for the champions, who seemed affected and no longer insistent when the real competition arrived.

So far, only Persija Jakarta in the 2018 season have been able to marry the President’s Cup and League 1 trophies.

Factor (lack of) motivation can be a problem for a team that was able to capture the pre-season title but stagnate in the league.

Carlos Fortes was injured in the match PSIS Semarang vs Arema FC in the 2022 Presidential Cup 97/7/2022).

Carlos Fortes was injured in the match PSIS Semarang vs Arema FC in the 2022 Presidential Cup 97/7/2022).

Especially this season, physical factors can be an additional reason, given the short distance between the President’s Cup final and the kick off of the opening weekend of League 1.

The second leg of the 2022 President’s Cup final will be played on 16 July, just six days before the inaugural Liga 1 match on 23 July.

“So far I haven’t seen a team that has won a pre-season tournament and won the league after that,” explained Robert.

“Normally this team (President’s Cup winners) in the league has dropped a bit, I don’t know why, but there must be a reason for that,” he explained.

Persib Bandung has been eliminated from the 2022 President’s Cup since the quarter-finals, so they have more time to rest.

Robert Alberts can also give injured players a period of healing, such as Ciro Alves and David Da Silva.


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