The story of Umm Sulaim, a smart and courageous female friend

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ACCURATE.CO As a woman who experienced life in the era of the ignorant Arabs, Umm Sulaim at that time also fell into polytheism in the midst of the same people as her. It was at that time that she married a man named Malik bin Nadr.

As soon as Islam came, many people embraced this divine religion and left the religion of their ancestors which was full of heresies. The presence of Islam was also welcomed by Umm Sulaim and she declared herself a Muslim.

After embracing Islam, Umm Sulaim also invited her husband to become a Muslim. This is the courage of the figure of Umm Sulaim. Even though she was a woman, not to mention the patriarchal culture of the Arabs was very strong at that time. He acts for the truth without hesitation and awkwardness.

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After separating from her husband, Umm Sulaim married a non-Muslim man. However, this time with her intelligence, Umm Sulaim managed to make the man who fell in love with her.

It is said, Umm Sulaim married a friend (at that time not yet converted to Islam), Abu Talhah radhiallahu ‘anhu. Anas bin Malik told of his mother’s marriage. He said, “Before embracing Islam, Abu Talhah tried to propose to Umm Sulaim. Umm Sulaim said, ‘I’m really attracted to you. People like you don’t deserve to be turned down.”

“But you are a non-Muslim male. While I am a Muslim. If you want to embrace Islam, that’s the dowry for me. I didn’t ask for anything else.” Abu Talhah also embraced Islam, then the two married. Umm Sulaim was the first woman to make her marriage dowry in the form of an Islamic husband.

Another story that shows his fortitude and intelligence is when his son died. Coincidentally, the husband did not know the news because he was out of the house. As soon as her husband came home, Umm Sulaim did not immediately tell him the sad news.

First, Umm Sulaim entertained her husband with delicious food and entertained him by having marital relations. As soon as the husband’s heart is calm, he tells him with a sign.

“O Abu Talhah, actually the Fulan borrowed something from the Fulan family. Then the lender sends someone to ask for the item. They even refused to return it.”


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