Viral Video of Toddler Going on Hajj with His Father, Netizens Touched

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the moment for toddlers to go on a pilgrimage

On July 8, 2022, a Twitter social media account, @sanakousar007, shared a video of a toddler circling the Kaaba with his father. Some netizens were touched and touched by seeing the video of the toddler going on the pilgrimage.

Toddler’s Moment on Hajj

The video uploaded to the Twitter account @sanakosaur007 shows a father holding a toddler on his shoulder. The two of them were on the pilgrimage together. In the video, the toddler sits on his father’s shoulder while saying the word talbiyah around the Kaaba.

He said the talbiyah aloud and without stuttering, making the toddler a spotlight for many pilgrims around him. The other pilgrims were also amazed by the call from the toddler.

the moment for toddlers to go on a pilgrimage

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“Labbaik Allahumma labbaik. Labbaik laa syarika laka labbaik. Innal hamda wan ni’mata laka wal mulk laa syarika lak.” Exclaims the toddler in the video.

The video showing the child’s talbiyah exclamation has also gone viral on Twitter. The video that was shared has been seen by 353,000 views. Not only that, the viral video has already received 10.7 thousand retweets, 38 thousand likes and 965 replies from citizens.

The video of the toddler’s action reaped a lot of positive comments from netizens. Some netizens were also touched by the talbiyah spoken by the toddler around the Kaaba.

“Ma Sha Allah, very funny.” Write @israr_iz7.

Some are inspired by the father of the toddler. “Hopefully one day I can experience the pilgrimage with my child.” Said @ieya2020.

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The Law of Taking Toddlers on Hajj

Toddler's Moment on Hajj

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For Muslims, the pilgrimage is meant to go to the Holy Land to perform worship. Some of the obligatory conditions for the pilgrimage are Islam, puberty, intelligence, independence and ability. After knowing the video upload about a toddler who is carrying out the pilgrimage, what is the law? Parents?

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Based on the Hadith of Muslim History, scholars from Syafi’iyyah, Malikiyyah and Hanabilah said that it is still legal for toddlers to perform the pilgrimage, but it is considered a sunnah pilgrimage. Why is that? Because the toddler has not carried out one of the obligations of Hajj, namely baligh.

“From the Prophet Muhammad SAW, that he met a group in Rauha’, then he asked “Which group?” They replied: “Muslims.” They asked: “Who are you?” Prophet Muhammad SAW replied “Messenger of Allah SWT.” A woman (among them) raised a small child (showing) to the Prophet Muhammad, then he asked: “Is this (little child) also performing Hajj?” Prophet Muhammad SAW replied: “Yes, and we also get a reward.” (HR. Muslim).

Hopefully this video can be an inspiration for all of us.

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