Admit it’s just content, Nathalie Holscher Bucin is willing to do this, Sule: Even though it’s just a lie

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

In the middle of a divorce process, celebrities Nathalie Holscher and Sule lately seem to have never been absent from the public spotlight.

Apparently, the woman who is officially the wife of the comedian Sule really heeded her husband’s words at that time.

Recently, it has been widely discussed that Nathalie Holscher’s decision to convert to Islam because she married Sule, but responding to this, Nathalie denied it, she also explained that her choice to embrace Islam had been her wish for a long time long before she married Putri Delina’s father.

“I want to, because right… if from the previous years, those years, oh my family, oh, I’m afraid to talk to my family, because converts have been from the year two thousand… 2015’s . Oh, my family, are you still scared, well he (Sule) is the bridge,” explained Nathalie Holscher, quoted by 1NEWS from the TRANS7 OFFICIAL YouTube channel, Saturday (30/07/2022).

Hearing Nathalie’s statement, Sule, who was also present along with Nathalie as a guest star, added an explanation and also mentioned the story of Nathalie’s journey when she decided to wear a hijab.

“Just letting you know, in Islam it is obligatory to cover your genitals, but not forced, it must be from your own will, only if you wear hijab, you will be more beautiful, just like that,” said Sule.

Seemingly excited to tell the life of Nathalie Holscher at that time, Raffi Ahmad also misfocused (salfok) with a spontaneous expression on Sule’s face.

“But it looks like Kang Sule, now he’s more cheerful (happy),” said Raffi.

Meanwhile, Nathalie Holscher is also known to be willing to remove the tattoo on her body.

“Deleted, yes,” said Nathalie.

However, Sule also recounted when Nathalie also decided to remove her tattoo.

“That’s why at first I was venting, then I asked like this, if, for example, you get a partner, because I got a partner, vent with him, he also confides with me, because he confides, then I say this, if you say there is a partner who wants to be serious with you, if this is a new if, then your partner asks you to remove the tattoo, do you dare or not “explained Sule.

“He (Nathalie) is responsible, if you really want to be serious and responsible, yes, I dare to do that,” continued Sule.

In fact, Sule bluntly said that it was actually just for content, but Nathalie took Sule’s request seriously at that time.

“Initially for the content, it turned out that he was real, even though it was just a lie,” said Sule.

Warganet also commented on the figure of Nathalie Holscher.

“Masha Allah, salute to Nathali, it’s amazing to change 80%,” wrote netizen comments.

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