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Dahlan Iskan's Note: Gusti's Prayer - GenPI.co

Dahlan Iskan. Photo: Disney

1NEWS – Oh Lord! Don’t happen this. We are still battered by the war in Ukraine. Which is so far away. Cook is going to war again. In a closer location: in Taiwan.

The situation is so hot. The trigger: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to Taiwan. Next month.

It was considered a provocation by China. The biggest provocation so far.

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China considers it like America’s recognition of Taiwan as an independent country.

In fact, China considers Taiwan as one of its provinces.

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The warships are now heading for the Taiwan Strait. From America and China.

The American military must keep Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives safe. If so there.

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The American military thinks the visit is dangerous, but if it is to be carried out, it must be guaranteed its safety.


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