Defeat to Dewa United Makes Two Foreign Players Exactly

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1NEWS, The 2-3 defeat to Dewa United in the inaugural match of Liga 1 Indonesia 2022-2023, Monday (25/7), then seemed to have an effect on Persis Solo.

The reason is, the team with the nickname Sambernyawa immediately crossed out two of its foreign players: Aaron EVans and Gerard Artigas.

The news of Evans and Artigas dropping out was shocking. Persis Solo has actually made an agreement with the two foreign players for this season.

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However, the performance of the two players brought by an agent from Surabaya, Gabriel Budi, was far beyond expectations. Since appearing in the 2022 President’s Cup, both have failed to lift the team’s performance.

The culmination of the disappointment was the defeat of Dewa United. Evans’ omission is actually not a surprise considering the performance of the Australian passport player is very poor.

However, Artigas’ deletion was quite surprising. Bomber from Spain actually contributed a goal during the match against Dewa United.

Persis Solo coach, Jacksen F. Tiago, made a statement that this removal was purely to boost the team’s performance on the way forward.

“That is the result of a joint evaluation. A step to make this team better,” said Jacksen Tiago ahead of the match against Persija Jakarta.

Jackson realized that this decision is a big thing that could surprise many parties.

“A policy that we have to take is quite drastic, but it so happens that we are still in the open transfer period,” said Jacksen F Tiago.

“So yesterday there was a mutual agreement to make this policy. This is a reason to make the team better,” he continued.

No Leaks yet


Jackson’s statement answered questions when Evans and Artigas were not included in the visit to Bekasi. Persis Solo will play the second week of Liga 1 against Persija Jakarta, Sunday (31/7/22).

“So it’s not that we don’t bring, but there is a team evaluation policy so we can look for players who can have a bigger impact on the team going forward,” said Jackson.

Jackson confirmed that Persis Solo had opened the door for a new pillar to enter in the near future.

However, the Brazilian coach has yet to give a leak regarding the identity of the substitute, including rumors of Brazilian players who will be docked.

“We’ve opened up space for other players to come into our team. In the near future there will definitely be a replacement who will come,” said Jackson.

The Remaining Foreign Pillar

With the exclusion of Evans and Artigas, practically Persis Solo will only be defended by two foreign pillars, Jaimerson Xavier and Alexis Messidoro against Persija.

These two players performed well even though Persis Solo lost to Dewa United at the Moch Soebroto Stadium, Magelang, last Monday (25/7/22).

Jaimerson became the doorstop with Fabiano Beltrame. While Messi became a playmaker.

The news called the two pillars of replacement for the striker and midfielder.

One striker slot is said to be filled with players from Brazil. While one Asian slot is still a question mark.[]


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