Divorced with Arya Saloka Gegara Cheating with Amanda Manopo? Princess Anne Shares Sentil Posts About Destiny: God Has…

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1NEWS, Bogor —

The issue of the rift of Arya Saloka and Princess Anne’s household is now widely blowing. The marriage, which has been built for almost five years, has reportedly ended in divorce.

The news stems from the togetherness of Arya Saloka and his wife and child who suddenly disappeared and nothing was left on the 31-year-old man’s Instagram.

Surprisingly, he even displayed a portrait with his co-star, Amanda Manopo, which aroused suspicion. The reason is that previously, the video of the intimacy of Andin and Aldebaran in the car was suspected of having an affair. Moreover, the two of them were back on the same stage at the Indonesia Drama Series Award 2022.

Along with the furore about the issue of her sinking household, the mother of one child seems to share her latest upload on her personal Instagram account. He seems to mention about the provisions of fate.

Princess Anne seems to re-share the post on the Instagram account @vibeofdeen which reveals not to worry and think about the destiny that has been outlined by God.

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