Drastic Weight Loss, This Mr Vampire and Tai Chi Master Star Is Almost Unrecognizable

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Chin Siu Ho (8days.sg)

1NEWS – Veteran Hong Kong actor Chin Siu Ho (59) was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s thanks to his roles in many vampire films which were popular genres at the time.

Some of his famous films are Mr Vampire (1985), New Mr. Vampire (1987), Vampire vs Vampire (1989), and The Ultimate Vampire (1991).

He is also known for starring in martial arts films such as Tai Chi Master (1993) and Fist of Legend (1994) with Jet Li.

Earlier this week, the old star appeared at a press conference in Hong Kong to promote his upcoming film, Chan Wu Zhong Guo Meng. Chin’s appearance looks completely different. Many fans could barely recognize him. It happened because of his drastic weight loss.

Chin Siu Ho (8days.sg)

Chin revealed that two years ago, after moving to Shanghai, China, his hours of work and rest were irregular. In addition, he does not have access to healthy food, and therefore, only eats one meal a day. As a result, his weight shrank rapidly.

When asked by the media if his weight loss and poor eating habits meant he didn’t have the energy to shoot action scenes, Chin said: “Nowadays, when shooting action movies, there is less action to be done compared to the past. . (I) just need to do some moves and do some poses.”

Chin Siu Ho himself has moved back to Hong Kong for the past half year or so. He also has no plans to work in China in the near future.

He is worried about having to live lockdown again in China, which resulted in him not being able to return to Hong Kong. Also, his parents are now in their 80s, and he doesn’t want to be separated from him for too long.

“The weather (in China) has been very hot recently and I was worried that I would have a heart attack while filming outdoor scenes. I have high blood pressure, so I have to cut down on sweet, salty, and fried foods. I’ve been eating clean and drinking soup, so my skin has also gotten better,” said Chin who also joked that he was more handsome now.


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