How Nadila Ernesta Gets Me Time Fully Supported By Eno NTRL

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1NEWS – Everyone has their own way of enjoying free time, just like Nadila Ernesta. The wife of Eno NTRL turns out to have a simple routine which she considers to be me time on the sidelines of her busy life as a housewife.

Recognized Nadila Ernestathough simple, me time for everyone, especially women is very important. What he then did as a form of resting himself from all routines was by exercising.

“If me time must, the woman needs me time, needs a break. Sport has been my me time,” said Nadila Ernesta in the Kebon Sirih area, Central Jakarta, recently.

Luckily for Nadila, her husband, Eno NTRL also supports her me time. He admitted that he never had trouble finding time to exercise to do the me time he wanted.

“If it’s for me, if I need it breakI’m just talking to my husband. He also gives time for myself, he is with the children,” he explained.

Nadila Ernesta said that he usually does sports in the morning before his children go to school. At that time, she took turns with her husband to take care of all the needs of her two children.

“He (Eno) already knows the time me time I am 5 am to 8 am, from there he can take all kinds of schools, I just have to pick him up when he comes home. It’s a small thing but me time“he said.


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