Popular in 2005, School Endnote Series Coming Soon on Vision+

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School Final Notes (Dok tablodistar.com)

1NEWSSchool End Notes is present in a series that will air on the Vision+ streaming service. The series is a reboot of the 2005 film of the same name starring Vino G Bastian, Ramona Y Tungka, and Marcel Chandrawinata.

The series, which was worked on by Paragon Pictures and Ideosource Entertainment, is still telling about the good times in high school.

Paragon Pictures executive Robert Rony revealed, School End Notes made in a series because currently there are not many shows that really raise issues of school children.

“What we are trying to bring up in this series will be different from the previous ones, because we are really raising the issue of teenagers in high school who are really teenagers. So we try to be more honest about stories in high school that are not only love, but also friendship and delinquency. during high school,” said Robert Rony.

School Final Notes (Dok tablodistar.com)

Directed by Andibachtiar Yusuf, the School Final Note series will star Azela Putri, Sarah Beatrix, Kacamelyv Prakaca, Arya Mohan, Geraldo Chandra, and Dhirgham Prabasworo.

Produced later this month, the director gives a sneak peek of the series’ story School End Notes.

“The story is not the same as 2005. In the past they made a short film that was shown at graduation, but here they want to make a pencil” return Pensi to school until finally they want to be known by one school, desire to be known by one school, right indeed It’s our wish,” said Andibachhtiar.

In addition, Andibachtiar also felt challenged to work on films about school children’s stories.

I’m already I’ve been wanting to make a high school story before I forget how it feels like high school, naughty. That’s what makes I want feel ‘maybe indeed have to make a high school story’,” concluded Andibachtiar Yusuf.



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