President Jokowi Invites Volunteers to the Bogor Palace, Discuss What?

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ACCURATE.CO, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gathered dozens of his supporting organizations after a visit to a number of countries in the East Asia region. The meeting was held at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Friday 29 July 2022.

“The meeting was attended by Barricade 98 and 29 other volunteer representatives. The meeting lasted for approximately 2 hours, from 13.30 to 15.30 WIB,” said the General Chair of Barricade 98, Benny Rhamdani, who was also present at the meeting, Saturday, July 30, 2022.

According to Benny, Jokowi in the meeting conveyed the latest situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, economic conditions, and the threat of a global recession.

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Jokowi, among other things, said that all countries were experiencing uncertainty amid the threat of a global crisis due to Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war which had a domino effect of spikes in energy and food prices.

But we should be grateful, the country’s economic growth in the first semester of 2022 was quite good, growing 5%, far above China’s 4.8%, the US 3.6%, Singapore 3.4%, South Korea 3.1% and Mexico. 1.6%.

Export growth, Indonesia was among the highest with 40.7%, far behind other countries such as Malaysia 30.4%, Singapore 24.8%, India 23.5%, Vietnam 20.7%, China 17.7% and Brazil 15 ,5%.

Benny said during the meeting, Barricade 98 and also the volunteer representatives expressed their gratitude to President Jokowi, that in the midst of the global crisis and the uncertain world situation, he had taken various appropriate policies that kept Indonesia’s position strong. Starting with policies that did not impose a lockdown at the beginning of Covid, to handling Covid through very massive socialization and vaccinations.

It was recorded that 427,582.62 vaccination doses 1 and 2 had been injected into 97.2% of the population and made Indonesia ranked 4th in the world by the number of people vaccinated and ranked 5th in the world by the number of doses injected.

“Barricade-98 also congratulates President Jokowi for taking a strategic role on the world stage to become a peacemaker for the Russia-Ukraine conflict. President Jokowi’s move has further positioned Indonesia to be more respected and respected by countries in the world,” he said.

Regarding the infrastructure development that the government continues to work on, Barricade 98 assesses that Indonesia under the Jokowi administration has made tremendous achievements that have never been achieved by previous presidents. Even what was done in the era of President Jokowi beat what has been done by Suharto in the 32 years of the New Order era and 10 years of the SBY era.

Benny conveyed that infrastructure builders that accelerate, simplify and have low cost for every mobility of goods and people make Indonesia strong and growing. He detailed that during the Jokowi administration, the infrastructure built were 2,042 km toll roads, 5,515 km non-toll roads, 15 new airports and 39 repairs, 124 new ports and 12 improvements, 38 dams, and irrigation of 1.1 million hectares of stone and 3.8 million hectares. hectares of repair.

“In addition to the infrastructure being built, it becomes the foundation of the current economy, in the next 5 to 10 years, the benefits will be felt that are more powerful for the country and the people,” he added.

In the meeting, Barricade 98 also emphasized the state to continue to be present to take firm action to enforce the law harshly on anyone who always creates political stability through politics of division by using identity politics, spreading hate and hoax news, as well as fighting between tribes and religions that undermines unity. Indonesian nationality and nationality.

“Regarding the 2024 presidential election, at the Barricade 98 meeting and all representatives of the volunteers present, they agreed to stick to the directives and wait for Jokowi’s orders,” said Benny.[]


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