Remember Fia Barlanti, the 19-year-old girl who married the 63-year-old Landlord Grandfather? Here’s the Fate Now | 1NEWS

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Dream – Some time ago, social media was shocked with the wedding video of a grandfather marrying a 19-year-old girl. He is Sondani, a 63-year-old grandfather who married Fia Barlanti who is a resident of Cirebon Regency. The two got married on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

Not only is the age difference very far apart, netizens have also highlighted the dowry that Sondani gave to the girl. No kidding Sondani gave money worth hundreds of millions of rupiah, a house, to umrah for his wife’s family. Even if totaled, these costs cost IDR 700 million. Not surprisingly, Sondani himself is a landowner who is rich in twists and turns in his village. Long time no spotlight, so how are they now? Check out the photo below!