Sule caught lethargic and moody, his words about not needing women were brought up by netizens

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Sule looks confused with a blank stare (Instagram/@rumpi_gossip)

Sule was gloomy and blankly staring at the event.

John Endra | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Saturday, July 30, 2022 | 11:42 WIB

1NEWS – Sule’s latest appearance drew public attention because he appeared sluggish and lackluster. This moment occurred shortly after Sule boasted that he did not need another woman.

From the uploads circulating, Sule is known to be filling a television program with Rina Nose and Nastasya Shine.

During the event, Nathalie Holscher’s husband was seen staring blankly at the event.

With such an expression and appearance, Putri Delina’s father was considered to be in a state of confusion full of thoughts.

“I’m really upset, omg,” wrote the gossip account @rumpi_gossip quoted on Saturday (30/7/2022).

Sule looks confused with a blank stare (Instagram/@rumpi_gossip)

The post immediately made some netizens mention the controversial statement of Sule who boasted that he didn’t need women.

“So don’t look like you don’t need a wife,” wrote one netizen, “You don’t need to be called by another woman,” another netizen said, “Very messy,” said another netizen.

For information, Sule previously emphasized that there was no need for the presence of another woman in his life besides Princess Delina.

Sule looks confused with a blank stare (Instagram/@rumpi_gossip)
Sule looks confused with a blank stare (Instagram/@rumpi_gossip)

“I don’t need to be called by other women,” said Sule.

In addition, Sule also revealed that he did not feel lonely despite being left by Nathalie Holscher.

“I have always been like this, there is no difference. I am responsible as the head of the family, why should I be lonely?” he concluded.


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