It was revealed, because of this Prilly Latuconsina’s mother was furious – 1NEWS

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It was revealed, because of this Prilly Latuconsina's mother was furious -

Prilly Latuconsina often irritates her mother because of the strange items in her collection. Photo : Instagram @prillylatuconsina96

1NEWS – Actress Prilly Latuconsina revealed what made her mother irritated with her.

Apparently, it was triggered by Prilly’s habit of collecting antiques for a long time.

In fact, the 25-year-old woman has all kinds of things related to Doraemon.

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“In the past, I had Doraemon comics from the first series to the end, then Doraemon dolls. Anything about Doraemon, I exist,” said Prilly in South Jakarta, Monday (1/8).

However, since moving to a new house, his mother has asked him not to buy strange things. Moreover, causing the house to be difficult to tidy up.

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“My vintage stuff is like, sometimes, it’s useless, my mom can’t do it anymore,” he said.

The role of Shena in the film 12 Stories of Glen Anggara said that her mother was more angry when she bought expensive things.

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“I really like hair accessories, whatever I buy,” he added.


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