Lesti Kejora Celebrates 23rd Birthday, Rizky Billar Gives a Luxury Car Gift! – Gossip

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This birthday moment feels so special, because Lesti Kejora received a special gift from her husband, Rizky Billar. / Photo: Instagram @rizkybillar

Dangdut singer Lesti Kejora is happy. On July 5, 2022, he celebrates his 23rd birthday.

This birthday moment felt so special, because Lesti received a special gift from her husband, Rizky Billar.

Yes, Lesti was given a luxury car as a gift from her husband. This happy moment was also shared on Rizky Billar’s Instagram account.

In the photo, Billar is seen giving a black Rolls Royce luxury car. The car is decorated with ribbons and red balloons.

On top of the car there is also a box whose contents are not yet known but from the Hermes brand.

Although he succeeded in realizing Lesti’s dream of owning a new car, Billar apologized to his wife for not being able to buy a new one.

“Alhamdulillah, I am happy that as a husband, I can realize my wife’s dreams one by one. But I’m sorry, honey, I can’t afford to buy a new one. But hopefully you are happy,” Billar wrote in his photo caption, quoted on Saturday (6/8/2022).

On this occasion, Billar also gave many prayers and hopes for his beloved wife.

“And the hope is that at this age, you will become a better person than before, stay grounded and always remember where you came from and finally, always be the best wife for your husband. Happy birthday my wife @lestykejora,” concluded Billar.

Billar’s upload also received many comments from netizens who also prayed for Lesti.

“Masha Allah, blessings are getting more and more successful,” commented Fitri Carlina.

“The gift is terrible. Happy birthday grandpa. Best wishes to grandpa,” wrote Squire 99.

“Happy bday dede Lesty wish you all the best,” said @chrxxx.

“Barakallah fii umrik, healthy and happy in the hereafter,” wrote @aswxxx.

“Bless you. More success and happiness always for Leslar,” commented @mahmxxx.

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