Pockets of evidence of misappropriation of funds, Dewi Perssik asks Angga Wijaya to admit his actions and immediately apologize

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1NEWS, Medan —

Recently, Dewi Perssik revealed the alleged misappropriation of funds by Angga Wijaya during his time as husband and manager. This was conveyed through an Instagram upload.

He said he wanted to solve the problem amicably. However, before that happened, the woman who is familiarly called Depe asked Angga to confess his actions.

“Last night Angga called me, but I was resting and I haven’t called back. Mas Kris and Ega (a team of lawyers) have made a summons (against Angga) to the office for clarification and confirmation. clarification,” said Dewi Perssik’s lawyer, Sandy Arifin, when met at the West Jakarta Religious Court, Friday (5/8/2022).

Sandy emphasized that there would be peace as long as Angga acknowledged and apologized for his actions.

“We are trying to clarify, but if our client still wants a legal process, we will go forward. But if there can be peace and mediation in the office, then Angga admits and there is clarification, maybe we will stop there,” added Sandy Arifin.

So far, Sandy Arifin already has evidence of three transfers of hundreds of millions of rupiah. Sandy will also explore this from Angga Wijaya, the total amount that is suspected to have been misappropriated.

“As for Mbak Depe, they want to know what the real story is like, an apology, so that it doesn’t happen again,” said Sandy Arifin.

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