The Death of a Worker at the Mampang Gymnasium is the Tender Winner’s Responsibility – 1NEWS

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The Death of a Worker at the Mampang Gymnasium is the Tender Winner's Responsibility -

GOR Mampang was temporarily closed due to collapse. PHOTO: Antara

1NEWS – Secretary of the DKI Jakarta Youth and Sports Agency (Dispora), Rusdiyanto, denied that the Mampang Prapatan Sports Building (GOR) collapsed due to negligence.

As is known, the demolition of the Mampang Prapatan Sports Center caused the death of two construction workers with the initials AJ (48) and IN (23) on Sunday (31/7).

Related to this, Rusdiyanto stated that the GOR was deliberately torn down for revitalization.

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“So, it’s not because the building collapsed, it was deliberately removed to build a new one,” he said on Friday (5/8).

Rusdiyanto said that the incident of the death of the two workers was not the responsibility of the Jakarta Dispora, but the winner of the building demolition tender.

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“Because, it has been auctioned off,” he said.

He stated that before being revitalized the old building would be torn down first, then the auction winner would automatically own the asset.

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So, he said, the winning bidder, namely the company participating in the tender, has the right to take the demolished building materials.


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