The Mother of the Boarding House Diligent in Raids and Is More Clever, the Son of the Boarding House Hides His Boyfriend Under the Mattress Still Discovered | 1NEWS

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To be sure, the video of the boarding house mother catching the boarding child hiding her boyfriend under the mattress went viral and invited various netizen comments.

On average, they were surprised by the boarding house children who could have the idea of ​​hiding their boyfriend under the bed when there was a raid by the boarding house.

“Those who hide are smart, the landlady who finds them is smarter.”

“Can you have an idea up to that point 😂.”

“The experience of the boarding house mother when she was young.”

“The landlady is too diligent in checking this.”

“It seems that this technique has been done by the boarding house mother to the boarding house .”

Source: TikTok