Thousands of Volunteers Support PKB Win Presidential Election, Gus Muhaimin: We’ll Prove It In 2024 Election

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1NEWS, Hundreds of thousands of volunteers and sympathizers gathered at GOR Delta Sidoarjo to support the General Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar (Gus Muhaimin), Saturday (6/8/2022).

They come from all over East Java from the eastern tip of Banyuwangi Regency to the West End of Pacitan, as well as surrounding areas such as Central Java.

These volunteers packed the area at GOR Delta Sidoarjo in the event titled Gus Muhaimin Festival The Next 2024 to provide support to Gus Muhaimin to run as a presidential candidate (candidate) in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres).

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In his speech, Gus Muhaimin admitted that he was very touched and grateful for the extraordinary enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, sympathizers and supporters who came from various parts of East Java.

“This extraordinary spirit is the energy that will lead us to win the 2024 presidential election. I am touched and really happy. God willing, all these hopes and aspirations will be my determination and enthusiasm to realize that in 2024, the Indonesian people must be prosperous,” he said.

Gus Muhaimin said that the presence of hundreds of thousands of his supporters in Sidoarjo would strengthen his determination to change the fate of the people and the nation, especially the Nahdliyin and East Java residents to be much better and more prosperous.

“I understand, I hear and capture all the wishes, motivations and enthusiasm of all. I hear the aspirations of women, artists, MSME actors, thank you for the aspirations. I catch that hope. God willing, we will prove it in the 2024 Election,” said the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives for Sector The Korkesra.

“If you are serious, I God willing, bismillah will truly carry out and fight for the ideals of all of us, amen,” he continued. .

According to Gus Muhaimin, all the volunteers who gathered here had nothing but to unite their collective resolve, to work together to fight for the better fate of the Indonesian nation and people.

“So far we work, work, work, so in 2024 we must reap prosperity. Work, prosper. Prosperous, work,” said the man who was born on September 24, 1965.

Therefore, after returning from the Gus Muhaimin Festival The Next 2024 event, Gus Muhaimin hopes that the volunteers will continue to work hard to realize the dream of making himself President in 2024.

“I was asked why Gus Muhaimin dared to go forward and was ready to become a presidential candidate? I was brave because I was not alone. Behind me and all of us there is a long history, the history of East Java residents, kiai, scholars to build the nation in a better direction,” he said. . []


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